Friday, 27 May 2016

What I'm Listening To... (27/05/16)

1. Kicks - Lauren Aquilina
This is the new single from Lauren Aquilina, and it's an upbeat tune! If this doesn't make it on to your summer playlists, then you're missing out! With an empowering message, catchy pop melody, it's a song that's bound to get stuck in your head, the video is pretty impressive too! Enjoy!

2. Paraesthesia - Signals.

I've only recently come across Signals. but I'm really enjoying their music, this is their most recent release. They've created a unique sound and make brilliant math pop tracks. I'm a bit gutted I didn't make their gig at Boileroom the other day, but I've been making up for it by having their songs on repeat.

3. Dangerous Woman - Eliza & The Bear

Eliza and the Bear recently headed into the Radio 1 Live Lounge and covered Ariana Grande's 'Dangerous Woman'. It's a pretty fab cover and I've consequently had the song stuck in my head a fair bit recently.

4. Grandma's Hands - Bill Withers

So this is a big throwback and one that nearly always gets played. The lyrics are beautiful and his vocals bring the soul to life. 'Grandma's Hands' is just a stunning song that I've loved for a very long time and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon.

5. Hello Hello - Lewis Watson

I'm on a huge Lewis Watson hype at the minute, spending most of my 'down' time listening to basically all of his discography, from his first EP right up to his recent singles taken from his forthcoming album, which I'm really excited to hear! It's looking (and sounding) like it's going to be one of the best singer/songwriter releases of the year.

6. Liquorice - Alice Jemima
I saw Alice support Martin Luke Brown last year and have been waiting for a new release from her ever since. Now Alice has released this brilliant new single and she's getting support from BBC Introducing and others. It's a catchy pop tune that's been stuck in my head for a while now - enjoy!

7. Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz

Another throwback in the way of some monkeys. 'Demon Days' is probably still up there on my list of all time favourite albums, and whilst this track isn't on that album, it's still from the brilliant band that created it. It's one of those that you can't not sing along to...

8. Tilikum - Benjamin Francis Leftwich

When I heard Benjamin was making it back into the world of music after a tough couple of years. This is the first song to be taken from his forthcoming album 'After The Rain'. This is a beautiful music video that accompanies an equally beautiful song...

9. Reckless - Gareth Emery ft. Wayward Daughter

I'm not usually a huge fan of electronic dance music, but as we're slowly coming into summer, this track has made it onto my playlists and I've been listening to it a fair bit. I've also been listening to some of the other tracks from Gareth Emery's new album, featuring Janet Devlin, Joseph, Lawson and others, and it's a great collection of songs.

10. Soon Soon - Tom Rosenthal

As some of you may (or may not) know, Tom Rosenthal is probably up there as one of my favourite singer/songwriters, he's a bit of a genius. I always enjoy his creative lyrics, songs and the accompanying music videos, I'm sure you will too! 

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