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Review: The Big Moon @ Scala, London (03/11/16)

Scala is one of my favourite London venues but it always becomes a struggle getting to, we drove this time and really annoyingly missed the support acts. I'd been listening to Abattoir Blues and Trudy and the Romance in the run up to the gig and have continued to do so since as well.

Abattoir Blues are a post punk band, comprised of George, Ed, Sam, Harry and Scott and their stand out song to me is 'Sense', which I've imagined as having an incredible atmosphere live. They've just released their debut single 'Sense 7' through Cannibal Hymns.

Sense - Abattoir Blues (link)

Trudy and the Romance were playing when we got to the venue, and what we managed to hear, I absolutely loved. They had an energy and style all of their own, classing themselves as 'mutant 50s pop', sums their sound up perfectly. My favourite tracks from Oliver, Lewis and Brad, are their latest songs 'My Baby's Gone Away' and 'Wild'...

Wild - Trudy and the Romance (link)

 The lights dimmed and the background music cut out, and The Big Moon took to the stage. A sold-out Scala roared and Juliette, Soph, Celia and Fern dived straight into their set with their latest single 'Silent Movie Susie'. Which of course got everyone singing or humming along to their arguably catchiest, poppiest and most upbeat track to date; full of stuttered guitars and drums, punchy bass lines and rocking guitars throughout. They included follower's favourites, 'Nothing Without You', 'Cupid', and 'The Road' and they placed them perfectly throughout their set. 

Their contrasting upbeat indie pop with mellow harmonious moments within each song makes them stand out from any other band in the music industry right now. When asked who The Big Moon were like by a friend, I couldn't even say they're a bit like '___' mixed with '___'. 
Their older releases filled with energy and punk grit like 'Eureka Moment' balanced out the more chilled out parts. 

Beautiful Stranger - The Big Moon (link)

They performed their cover of Madonna's 'Beautiful Stranger', I don't remember the original and have been ignorant in not listening to it either - however, this cover seems to have been 'Big Moon'd', with tough bass lines, crunchy guitar riffs and steady drums throughout and cuts into instrumentals, which are always welcomed, thanks to the talent this band oozes. 

The Big Moon also included some new tracks, 'Formidable' and 'Bonfire', being the two stand out tracks that stuck with me after the gig. The lyrics of 'Formidable' are empowering and the sound fits in with their previous releases but also steps out in a slightly different way. 'Bonfire' is very much an indie rock track, with dark and moody tones. Both of those songs I thoroughly enjoyed and got me excited for their debut album which must be on the horizon now. 

After dancing around stage, clearly enjoying themselves and bringing the crowd into that fun (a large group of people really went for it in the crowd), Juliette crowd surfing, lots of thank you's to everyone that went, the support acts etc. and of course an evening of fantastic music; the four-piece closed with 'Sucker'. I feel like that song was perfect for rounding up their set and got everyone finishing on a high. The buzz from the almost mathematical percussion and catchy drum beats by Fern, incredible riffs and hooks on guitar from Soph and Juliette, and the precise yet crunchy bass throughout from Celia and of course the solid vocals and wonderful harmonies from the band. 

If The Big Moon don't make it even bigger in 2017, I really will be surprised. They're easily one of the best bands to see live and really get lost in the moment listening to and watching. So, if they come to a venue near you, make sure you get tickets - you will not be disappointed! 

Silent Movie Susie - The Big Moon (link)

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