Wednesday, 30 November 2016

What I'm Listening To... (30/11/16)

1. Alaska - Maggie Rogers
Maggie Rogers is taking the world of music by storm and she's making it onto everyone's ones to watch list for 2017. Pharrell Williams has listened to this song and loved it, and so have millions of other people. Maggie manages to combine folk, electronica and R&B into a wonderful sound that's emotive whilst still getting people up to dance and lose themselves in the music. 'Dog Years' has followed since, and is another example of Maggie's fantastic musicianship - I'm looking forward to an EP or album in the near future, hopefully!

2. Honest - Joseph

I've been listening to my Joseph vinyl a lot recently, their release 'I'm Alone, No You're Not' was back in August, but not a day has gone by since where I haven't listened to at least one of their songs. The title of the album came from this song, 'Honest', and is one of my favourites from the release. It's raw, powerfully emotional and the harmonies bring the lyrics to life in such a strong way it's impossible not to be in awe. This particular performance of this song is my favourite, however, they did a Tiny Desk Concert recently and that is a must listen, the middle song of the session ('I Don't Mind') is my other favourite from my release, and can be found here: link.

3. Machines That Breathe - Be Charlotte

This was a random find on Spotify, and ever since it's been on repeat. Be Charlotte is an incredibly talented musician way beyond her years, innovative and creative and her songwriting, both musically and lyrically, is out of this world. With an upbeat and unique sound, I'm surprised more people haven't heard about Be Charlotte, I'm sure the new year and a new release might change that though...

4. Mountains (Acoustic) - Biffy Clyro

Here's a bit of a throwback... The return of Biffy Clyro and their new album 'Ellipsis' led to me listening to their old material too. In particular, an acoustic version of 'Mountains', this isn't the exact version (that can be found on iTunes and Spotify), but it holds the same principle. Whilst I love the passion that Biffy Clyro's recorded music has, the acoustic version was a little more fitting for the time of year and has been the soundtrack to many chilled evenings recently.

5. Formidable - The Big Moon

We had the pleasure of reviewing this wonderful band at their sold out headline show at Scala earlier this month and this song was one of the ones that stuck (alongside 'Bonfire'). It's a mellower and slower track to what we're used to from The Big Moon, obviously it still has a punchy rock throughout. They've just announced their debut album too, and now I can't wait for April 2017! 

6. Sleep On The Floor - The Lumineers

The Lumineers seem to be the band I always forget I love. I don't have any of their albums and I think I only own one of their singles (and that's 'Ho Hey'), but every time I listen to one of their songs I fall in love with it. This is my latest favourite from them - and it's probably one of my favourite tracks in general at the minute. It's a stunning song, lyrically and musically, and the music video encapsulates that perfectly - enjoy! 

7. Stranger - Amber Run

Amber Run are back! 'Stranger' is the second release from their second album 'For A Moment, I Was Lost'. I'm going to be honest and say that I struggled to get into 'Haze' (the first single), but this one has been on repeat, every day. Another song that's accompanied with a fantastic music video, adding to the overall concept that's being created for this forthcoming album - roll on 10th February! 

8. Miss You - Gabrielle Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin is also back! This is the title track and lead single from Gabrielle's forthcoming EP. Compared to her first debut album 'English Rain', it's a big step away from her original sound, however, looking at her second album it's only a small step further into the pop world. It's a catchy track that's infectiously upbeat and is impossible not to hum along to after one listen... 

9. yea, babe, no way - LANY

This song was a random Spotify / SoundCloud find, and boy am I glad! This is another track that has constantly been on repeat, it's the perfect mix of upbeat and chilled all at the same time. I don't know or understand how this song hasn't become one of those songs that everyone's heard, but give it some time and I reckon everyone will recognise LANY in one way or another - hopefully! 

10. Satisfied ft. Miguel & Queen Latifah - Sia

A weekend 'away' in London just over a week ago kicked off with this song and I haven't stopped listening since. I'm sure by now you've heard of Hamilton the musical - and if you haven't I'd suggest going and checking out the soundtrack in a minute... But first check out the mix of Sia, Queen Latifah and Miguel smashing 'Satisfied' for the 'Hamilton Mixtape' (basically the soundtrack covered by popular musicians - Kelly Clarkson's on there as well and it's brilliant... You'll be able to find it on Spotify or iTunes after a quick search - enjoy! 

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