Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Feature: Ella Grace

Indie folk artist, Ella Grace, recently released her single 'Here We Are Again', telling of a love lost to depression and the journey onward from that space. Ella has built a supportive online community, sharing her views on sustainable living, mental wellness and feminism on Instagram. Now in her early 20s and signed to 'Ont Sofa Records, she is sharing her music for the first time... 

1. What process did you go through creating your latest single 'Here We Are Again'?

My creative process is probably a little... different than most trained musicians only because I'm pretty much totally untrained and so writing has always been a very primal/natural experience for me! I'll usually feel a song/melody/words ready to come out of me - and this can happen when I'm driving, cooking, out with friends, it's totally random - and if I'm able to I will find a quiet space, open my phone notes, grab a guitar if there's one handy and let it come out of me. 'Here We Are Again' was written in this way, within 15 minutes, on my parents houseboat. The writing process for me is always hugely spontaneous, therapeutic and quite an intense experience in terms of trying to get down the words and melody I can hear in my head.

2. If you were to tour anywhere you wanted, which three countries would you most like to visit and why?

South Africa, Hawaii and Spain, they're just all places I resonate with!

3. Who influences you musically and what inspires you lyrically?

Musically my inspiration are pretty mixed; I love Nick Drake, Jack Johnson, T-Rex and The Rolling Stones. Lyrically I've always loved musicians who are also storytellers, my favourites growing up were Lily Allen and Kate Nash.

4. You've caught a lot of people's attention with your music so far, is there more music on it's way or any tour plans in the works? 

Always... I've got a new single on the horizon and next year I'l be touring independently and playing festivals.

5. If you could change three things in/about the world, what would you choose? 

My biggest wish would be that there were no injustices in this world, that covers most things! But more specifically, I would get rid of all slaughter houses, I think it's important to be personally connected to what we are eating. I want to live in a world where we celebrate our differences, and I would end the destructive practices we make the natural world endure for our greed.

'Here We Are Again' Review:

This single is a simply beautiful track. Ella's sultry vocals are reminiscent of the likes of Laura Marling or Billie Marten and add to the theme of the lyrics. The addition of ethereal harmonies add to the atmosphere of the song and bring out the simple but incredibly effective guitar and drums. A wonderfully warm folk song that I'll definitely be listening to again and again. 

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