Friday, 1 December 2017

Feature: Hannah Trigwell

Pop singer/songwriter and YouTube sensation, Hannah Trigwell, has released her latest single 'Nobody' taken from her debut album 'RED', coming early 2018. Hannah previewed the album to fans on a sold-out UK tour last month and has another live show at Finborough Arms on 15th December. With over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and millions of views on her videos, she has secured a string of top ten international singles and was crowned the 'Best Unsigned Artist' at the Online Music Awards. 

1. What were your main inspirations and influences when writing your latest single 'Nobody'? 
I started to write a song about a popular kid wanting an unpopular kid to like them back... that inspired the title 'Nobody', but the song quickly became about something else when I thought my ideas weren't up to scratch. I got so frustrated at second guessing and doubting myself. I wanted to break the cycle of negative thoughts that I had fallen into, and stop calling myself a nobody. This song was the soundtrack to me forcing myself to give myself more credit really. 

2. How would you compare the reactions and interactions with your YouTube videos with those of your live performances at gigs? 
There's no live audience, so the experience for me is totally different. When you can see people's faces their instant reactions, it's just a really powerful thing. Especially with emotional song performances. I love making videos but nothing beats the feeling of a crowd signing your songs back to you, or meeting people at the shows! 

3. You've just been on a sold out tour in support of your forthcoming debut album, what was your biggest headline?
Each show was amazing, and so different from the last. The atmosphere at each gig was perfect, I haven't enjoyed a tour as much as that before! My hometown gig in Leeds was great, I had family and friends there too, which adds to the nerves, but it's great to have their support of course! When people sang 'Another Beautiful Mistake' (my previous single) with me, that was a really special moment. 

4. Where do you hope to be in a year's time?
In the studio recording the second album!!!

5. Would you rather wear gloves for socks, or socks for scarves?
Socks for scarves. I've heard it's very on trend at the moment... 

'Nobody' Review:
'Nobody' is a single that follows on well from Hannah's previous releases, concreting her sound, ready for her debut album. The listener can definitely hear influences of heavier artists, potentially the likes of PVRIS, but Hannah's made it her own. The lyrics are raw and honest and the video also brings those to life. It's a catchy track with an infectious hook and memorable melody, this song is bound to get stuck in your head! 

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