Friday, 2 March 2018

Spotlight: Glen Hansard

Irish musician Glen Hansard slides back into our musical hearts with his third solo album 'Between Two Shores' that was released 19th January with Anti Records. Well known for his acting performances in ‘The Commitments’ & ‘Once’, which won him multiple awards, including Academy Award for Best Songs. 

'Between Two Shores' Album Review:
'Roll On Slow' - This kicks the album off with a steady beat & hook that gives you a glimpse into the pleasure that is yet to come. He teases you more with a sensational brass and keys section, alongside a trip music video, you know this man is back and he means business. 'Why Woman' - This track takes you down into a mellow stroll through memory lane with classic Glen Hansard lyric and melodic writing. This track could melt butter it’s so smooth, it’s a perfect wind down song after the brilliant build up from the start. 'Wheels On Fire' - Straight away this punchy track set the tune, with a more poppy feel to it, a perfect contrast of staccato keys and drums contrasted with Glen’s melodically versatile, creamy voice of pure genius. 'Reckless Heart' - The vulnerability of this track brings you back down to earth and just makes you sit, listen and truly appreciate his talent. 'Moving On' - The guitar on this track couldn’t be any closer to orgasmic even if it tried, his anger oozes out of his vocals, but calming keys behind create the perfect ambiance. One of my personal favourites purely for the passion that blankets over this track. 'Setting Forth' - Similarly to track two, this rings pure Glen Hansard style. The lyrics fall off his tongue and the piano cradles them in this truly uplifting, moving song. 'Lucky Man' - He treats us to more brass and slides back in with steady piano and vocals. A well structured track with a chorus that makes love to your musical soul. 'One Of Us Must Lose' - This track resonates within you and mirrors the pure brilliance and beauty of this album. This is one of the only two songs that have vocal harmonies, which follows you through and haunts you, leaving a trace on your heart. 'Your Hearts Not In It' - Such brilliance lays in the simple guitar of this track. It strips back the whole album bringing you to the horizon of the end. Throughout, you can feel this track is building in dynamics, layers and passion. It does not disappoint, harmonies kick in giving a communal choral feel. 'Time Will Be The Healer' - When the opening line is the track title, you know it’s going to be a clear, pure narrative. This whole album has been teaching us life lessons of highs and lows along the way, but this one is the relaxing exhale of the album. You can’t help but reflect when listening to his sultry voice and steady guitar and soft drums. It sets off the tone perfectly for the end of the album, leaving you relaxed in music heaven. 

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