Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Feature: The Jacques

From forming five years ago, indie provocateurs, The Jacques, have been on quite a journey. They've performed on stages across the UK and Europe, establishing a devoted following (particularly in France). Following a string of single releases over the years, that have gained support from the likes of BBC6 and Radio X; now they release their new EP 'Born Sore'. We caught up with Harry for a Q&A... 

1. Firstly, how did you become 'The Jacques'?
We were formed by Finn and Elliot in Bristol initially. They found the rest of us while we were living and making music in South East London. 

2. If you could tour with two other bands/artists (dead or alive), who would you choose and why?
I'd choose Beastie Boys all day all night that would have been amazing. I've heard The Stone Roses aren't gigging anymore but that would have been really special. 

3. Who were your main influences and what was your inspiration whilst creating your EP, 'Born Sore'? 
This EP was recorded over 2 years in-between touring. We wanted our recordings to be evocative of our live shows and to capture what we were into at that moment in time. Synthpop and Slint?

4. Where is your dream place to perform and why?
I'd love to play one of the stadiums in South America. It's a part of the world we've not been to yet and I can't imagine what the atmosphere is like. 

5. If you could open a venue, what would you call it, where would it be, and what would the opening night entail? 
It would definitely be called The Vole. We'd have to put it somewhere that accepts voles i.e. the forest? Opening night would be a fundraiser, hopefully by the end it would turn into a really memorable gig. 

'Born Sore' EP Review:
The Jacques have released the punchiest EP I've heard so far this year. Opening with the title track, 'Born Sore', it's an apocalyptic sound, and would fit right into the next 80's sci-fi thriller soundtrack. The dark and brooding theme continues into 'Alka-Seltzer'. A gritty track full of thrashing guitars and drums, growling bass and the catchiest of riffs carried throughout. A short burst of energy that leads into the slightly lighter 'I Never Want To Be Your Boyfriend'. A chance to hear the band's lyricism shine through over a synth-led dreamscape. The EP closes with 'Kiss The Pharaoh', a dark and hypnotic song that ties the release together well; it's anthemic, at times reminiscent of Gorillaz, and puts The Jacques on the map as the indie band to watch. 

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